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    What is in Inform.News for you? How can you get involved?

    Have you ever felt that there may be a better way to use your efforts online to make a bigger difference?Do you ever feel that your content is worthy of a wider audience. How can we better reach “average people” who have yet to learn fully how things work and what the important issues are? I think about that a lot so have decided to do something.

    For me it is mainly about preventing further damage to our environment but I hope that this will be a way for you to have a say and to spread information about issues you are passionate about.

    A little about me if I may. Until 6 years ago my wife Dr Yoriko Todd and I had a previous business with 64 staff members. We had created a hugely successful crowdfunding social media platform called Crowdify with 14 million profiles on it.

    How did we manage that? 15 years ago I sold my law business to become the first person to teach about and blog about social media in Australia and New Zealand and I work hard to keep up with trends and new tools.It took us 5 years of networking, blogging and programming to build Crowdify. I published an extremely successful book about online branding and was chosen as the most influential person online about the environment for 4 years 2011-2014 in the Shorty Awards.

    I would now love to be part of a new community of people wanting to spend a small amount of time a day making a difference by publishing and sharing real information and real news.Which has been produced in an easily consumable way.

    So for the past 6 years I have spent every day studying new developments in news media. Mainly in America because that has always been the leader in things internet.

    Young people are not going to CNN, The BBC or Fox News to keep up. They prefer You Tube shirts,poscasts, TikTok, Twitch and Instagram stories.

    Recently we have all seen a rapid move towards the deliberate spread of disinformation.It is destroying us. Creating increasing division and ignorance.Our planet and our systems of government are in danger as a result.

    I think every day about how to counter that.

    I have identified several trends. Short video clips with simple explanations reach the largest number of people for example. Digital TVs mean that people no longer look exclusively to traditional TV channels for news broadcasts and documentaries. They can go to You Tube instead for a much wider choice.

    News is no longer just watched at 6pm or read in a morning newspaper. It is shared by people 24 hours a day to friends and connections. AI and robots continue to grow in influence. In a good and a bad way. Deep fakes need to be countered for example.

    You need a good understanding of algorithms and new to have an impact..

    Things keep changing quickly.

    What I have noticed is that some people are doing some of the new things but nobody is yet doing all of them.

    So we are building a different kind of community news service. News and information by the people for the people. Shared and promoted by members who will take profits. Not so left or right but factual. Not so many opinions or speculation but real information.

    I have also worked out how to monetize a news business with methods outside traditional sponsors and pay for click advertising.

    I am looking for an initial 1000 people to get help get the thing started. If you wish you can get paid for participating. After a while I hope to grow the community to 10,000.

    I know Facebook is not for everyone so there will be 2 meeting places. On our own private dedicated social network as well as a FB group.

    There are several benefits for getting involved

    A chance to share ideas. 

    A chance to work as a loosely structured team. So that nobody’s efforts are wasted and so different people get a chance to use their special skills. Some people are good photographers but are not great writers for example. Some people are clever and witty and can make headlines. Some people have large networks.Some people like being consistent and daily. Some may just want to join in every now and again.

    Regular information about the latest information about social media strategies (from me and others) and health and longevity (from my wife a doctor from Japan)

    Regular online and maybe some offline meetings

    A chance to share profits in an equitable way with no liability

    A chance to be part of something very different and experimental which could become very influential.

    I am asking for a one time joining fee of $40 AUD for the first 30 people. After that we will have a good group and the price will rise to $60. By the time we have 1000 people I believe it will be worth at least $300 for people to join. 

    For this $40 you will get access to our group and a membership certificate with a number which can be sold at any time.There is zero obligation to contribute any time but of course we hope you do.

    As we make money you will get regular payments.

    We do not need to know your real name or address anything like that if you wish to remain private. 

    Please take a chance to be part of something great and send us a fully refundable $40 to our bank account. When you do please add your email or Twitter account to the message in the bank transfer. DM  me or Yoriko on Twitter or Instagram as well if you wish.

    We look forward to working with you

    Michael and Yoriko

    Our account is ANZ 014271 649309512

    PS Right now we are throwing in Yoriko’s book/ resource/course about everything she knows about health. We are also adding Michael’s course about Threads. So if you want to use a credit card please go to it is $USD 27 and there is a money back guarantee.


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