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    Latest Polls. The More Trump Gets Indicted The More Popular He Gets. And What Does Elon Musk’s Favorite Vivek Ramaswamy Stand For?

    It seems impossible right now to burst the Trump bubble.

    He now leads Republican candidates by a record amount according to the latest 538 results. 538 summarize all the latest polls and provide a running assessment of each candidates popularity.

    The big question is how long will this last?

    The other candidates have very little momentum although these are early days. We are still at least 5 months away but the primaries and caucuses will almost certainly begin weeks earlier than in the previous two elections — and could kick off as soon as early January.

    Elon Musk is shilling Vivek Ramaswamy. De Santis is so extreme that he is surely unelectable. Trump may well be in prison by November 2024 so will Ramaswamy be the candidate? No independent person could look at seriousness and strength of many of the 91 or so indictments Trump is facing and conclude that he has a good chance of being the nominee.

    No comment on all this. Make up your own mind if this is the direction in which you want to see America head.


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