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    Why are greenhouse gas emissions rising faster and faster each week?

    This is a question that everybody should be asking. How can it be happening when everyone knows the damage being done?

    Here are a series of graphics and information about the rises.

    Up until last year it was extremely rare for CO2 emissions to rise more than 2.5 ppm a year. Between 1970 and 2000 it was usually 1.5 a year. Then it skipped up after that. But this year it has nearly reached 4.

    Methane levels are rising even faster.

    To understand all this please understand that levels peak in mid May of each year. Ironically the recordings are made in Hawaii. Where recently week fire and wind combined to wreck some havoc. Tomorrow Southern California is expecting a Category 4 tropical storm. Hurricane Hilary. For pretty much the first time ever.

    A month ago on July 11 was a record rise ever of 2.8 for a day. Today the rise is 3.85. Well over twice the annual rise from 1970 to 2000. Remember that in 1997 all the politicians of the world came together in Kyoto and pledged not to allow emissions to rise any more at all.

    Literally every day things are getting further and further out of control.

    So we reached the crucial tipping point of 350 ppm in about 1987. That level is where unfixable damage starts being done to the planet. Going over that was basically suicidal.

    Methane results take 4 months to be compiled. But you can see that the trend is not good. The year on year rise rose by very nearly 1 ppb from 12 to 13 in the latest results. Literally every day there are record increases in the amount of rise.

    It is all exponential. Something that the United Nations and all the politicians at all these climate meetings often ignore.


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