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    Threads is 100 days old. What is different about it and some key tips from a heavy and addicted user

    So the first 100 days are up and Threads is a massive success. Engagement levels and general activity started with a huge bang then dropped but in the past month have risen considerably. I want to firstly say a huge thank you to the thousands of people who have already made Threads a wonderful experience for me. I genuinely love logging in.

    A recent thread by CNN sparked over 2300 other news sources to quickly post what they specialized in. Several major journalists are now spending more time on Threads than X and getting more engagement.

    New features are rolling out regularly and there have been over 30 updates so far. Today we got a 5 minute edit button for replies and posts and a voice thread option. So you speak and then the message is transcribed as a thread. Is great to hear people’s voices!

    There are many other innovative developments never tried before anywhere else.

    By far the best thing about Threads has been the quality of conversation. Literally like stepping from a kindergarten to a university. I have been on there daily and post about 6 times a day every 2 hours I am awake. This seems to be a good level of activity. The algorithm seems to “cool down” posts after a couple of hours.

    My most successful posts have had over 4000 likes and 1000 shares (called Reposts or Quote Posts). I have had a steady flow of about 80 new followers a day it has not really gone up or down. There is a real spirit and community here something I have never experienced since the early days of X when we did things like #IranRevolution and changed our profile pics green and our location to Teheran to confuse the authorities who were trying to hunt down tweeting revolutionaries.

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    You will need different engagement and following strategies on Threads. Comments (called replies) are regularly featured in the home feed. Often more than your posts. So you are encouraged to reply intelligently and in detail. People who reply with “Yes” or an emoji or a thumbs up are unlikely to do well. This is the essence of Threading I think. It encourages discussion and well thought out replies.

    This post last weekend was popular 1380 likes. It was a quote about Justice from MLK. It is hard to say what kind of post works best. Today for example I put up this short video clip of Hakeem Jeffries speaking about Him Jordan and it already has over 1000 reposts and 3800 likes.

    Both the mobile app and desktop version have different features for assessing potential accounts to follow. Simply waving over a name on desktop will show a bio for example. On mobile you can go to a post and see who has liked, reposted or Quote posted it and see how many mutuals you have. So you can quickly see that somebody has just shared content you love and that they have a lot of mutual connections.

    You can only follow 7500 people so like I said above 80 follows a day for 100 days is 8000 and many of us are now maxed out. So now I am looking more carefully when I follow. Do they post stuff I am interested in? Are they replying regularly and intelligently? The longer you wait to build your account the harder and harder it will get. You will probably have to follow pretty aggressively.

    Do not bother to follow people you interact with on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or wherever. There is a 1 in 3000 chance that they will reciprocate. I have had 3 people from all my of tens of thousands of “network” from those communities take an interest in Threads so far. Despite posting about Threads almost daily all over. The only people worth following are heavily active Threaders. There are more than enough of them.

    Soon many of us will have 10,000 or even 20,000 followers. If you want your posts and replies to be seen you will need to get more heavily connected. You need to be following 100 a day right now as many people are about reach their max of 7500 and are no longer able to follow you back. The same thing happened on Instagram when they introduced the follow limit.

    You can see that this post above was by Adam Mosseri the head of Instagram. He posts and replies a lot every day. He shares a lot of personal stuff as well as tech talk. Today I learned he has family in Israel and supports Arsenal. He understands about building community.

    Threads is fully integrated with Instagram and Messenger. You can quickly make a Thread your Instagram story or send it to a Messenger conversation or a channel of subscribers. Twitter also started out by being mainly popular with news people and then expanded. Threads will likely be the same bit already you can post 5 minute videos and post GIFs. So artists and creators are building devoted audiences.

    So how is the user experience? Search is very good and here is what notifications look like

    Very happy to answer any questions you might have. I am building a course which will be constantly updated. It is just $4.50 for life. It is at look forward to seeing you there if you want to get better at using Threads.

    The course/ resource will have a lot of tips and insights about social media and online branding as well.

    If you get a good strategy going around Instagram, Messenger and Threads you can create exponential content and engagement and not really need to be anywhere else.

    I really feel a great community is building and that sufficient people are determined to keep out the trolls and the trash and keep our dialogue positive, constructive and respectful.

    Look forward to your thoughts and feel free to add your Threads handles if you wish.



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